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Watching Season 3 of OUAT

Watching Season 3 of OUAT and damn so many possible ships,lol

#1 hook/emma

#2 regina/robin hood


#3 regina/emma,lol

and maybe a bit of 

#4 hook/charming

because who doesn’t love a good bromance,lol

ok maybe 

#5 hook/neal,lol

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Department store


I am looking through some bra racks and a woman has been glancing over at me every so often before coming over to me.

Customer: *says something I dont hear*

Me: I’m sorry, what did you say?

Customer: Do. You. Work. Here? *gestures to the garments she is holding*

Me: Oh. No I don’t.

Customer: *suddenly upset* Well you should! *walks away*

Me: ….?

This happened to me at jcpenney once except i got the death glare and she walked away,lol

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What time is it?!! it’s 2pm!!!

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goes well with shinee’s amigo,lol

goes well with shinee’s amigo,lol

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Kpop beginnings from jennyan on 8tracks Radio.

Kpop beginnings

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to anyone who messages me:

this is easily the most accurate post i have ever seen


It makes me feel really special when someone messages me.

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Today a guy( co worker) told me I looked pretty and that now that he thought about it that maybe he should tell me more often. My first reaction was to feel surprised n happy. But now I feel sad… Because I realized its the first time a guy called me pretty. Maybe he was just being nice but that has been my highest and lowest point of my day.

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King of High School Quick Thoughts(or more like rant)

Watching episode 12(well skimming,lol) i’m not sure how to feel about it. First the male lead is a high school student, underage and not legal(is it repetitive?,lol). Second she’s 10 yrs older, legal and a working woman. Legally this is not right, morally,imo, not good either. He’s too young, too immature and doesn’t realize or stop and think of the consequences of what he’s doing. He didn’t really stop and think how this would affect her, in fact he refuse to acknowledge that she would ever find out. What? he thought she would stay? cause isn’t it also illegal to date an underage kid in korea? She could go to jail or something. He only thought what he wanted and not once did he stop and think how she would end up when she knew she truth, which once again goes back to the point that he’s too young and immature. And then there’s the vampire director guy…i feel sorry for him at times but then he’s a real butthole and i wanna kick his butt,lol He’s like those kids that when they like a girl they pull their ponytails, trips them or calls them names or something. Except this guy is more mean about it, he plays with her feelings for his own gain, forces a kiss on her and then when she seems happy with someone else he decides he likes her. I’m not sure yet if he really does like her or not, cause sometimes I feel that maybe he just feels attracted to her(in a non romantic way) because she offers true feeling of love and friendship. It seems he gets no love from either his parents, with his dad who doesn’t appreciate it(and maybe not his real dad) and his mom is slightly(or maybe not) crazy. The dude get no parental love and the only warmth and care he’s received so far has come from her. So maybe that’s why he feels like attracted to her. Because she offers(or offered) what his parents can’t give him. He doesn’t even have friends either so he lives a sad and lonely life and she’s been the only one to show interest. That’s why he wasn’t able to throw away the bday cake. Because i bet it’s been like forever since someone remember and she did. So at the moment i’m not really cheering for any of the male leads, I find Seo In Guk adorable though but I don’t want for him to end up with the female lead. I want her to end up alone or maybe find a third guy and be happy with him. Both the male leads at this moment are thinking more about themselves,imo, than about her feelings. So like the spanish saying goes,translated of course,lol, “It’s better off alone than in bad company”. I hope this drama doesn’t end with them finally getting together officially after he comes back from the army or something cause then it’s just gonna be as disappointing at FBRS where I still think the female lead should have end up with the pillar,lol*but hey they ended up dating in real life,actually i think they still are dating,lol*

sorry for the long rant,lol

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I’ve watched this drama about 5 times(lol) and this scene gets me every single time. I cry my freaking heart out and yet I keep on watching it,lol

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if you’ve ever legitimately cried like a fucking baby over a character clap your hands


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I need really need to start watching my dramas again, I need my happy place or else these customers are gonna kill me with their stupidness and rudeness.

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Well this coming batch of dramas don’t look so interesting but on the bright side i’ll be able to catch up on this current batch,lol I would watch the Iron Man because it has LDW but the female lead…has no facial expressions, like even park shin hye has more than her and that’s saying a lot. So i think i won’t be watching any of these.

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I’ll just watch one more episode …

Netflix :


*… next episode begins in 15 seconds*

me last night watching season 3 of Once upon a Time,lol

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I wish This is a Kdrama (2/?)

Last Cinderella

Because who doesn’t love noona-dongseng romances and because this drama drove me crazy as i switched shipping the female lead back and forth between young, gigolo lover boy and mature, prickly best friend second male lead.

After all, let’s face it, storylines like these? There’s no doubt, Korea does it best!

I wish They Would Cast Them

Kim Sun Ah as Sakura Toyama

Because Shinohara Ryoko has always given me a Kim Sun Ah vibe (and because i love her as much!) and i know it’s stereotypical but there is no one else in my mind to play the role of a 40 year old spinster who’s clumsy, feisty and who kisses like a boss! This role is right up Sun Ah’s alley and i’m sure she’d ace it.

Lee Minho as Hirota Saeki

Sexy, cheeky, young impulsive and full of youthful angst, I can already picture Lee Minho in this role that i can vividly imagine how his seduction moves as Hirota can reduce any lady whatever the age to a puddle.

Besides, Sun Ah needs a young man who can kiss as good as she does and i know they’d be explosive.

Lee Pilmo as Rintaro Tachibana

He was great in Emergency Couple. I can just imagine how sparks will fly between him and Sun Ah with their bickering but also how he will move hearts as the friend pining for the woman he’s loved all his life.

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last two for today, goodnight!(well more like good morning since it’s almost 1:30 am ><)

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