Witch’s Romance Episode 1

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Trolls on my blog…please go away. Just because my opinion and the way I saw things are different from the way you saw it doesn’t mean im wrong. I posted my opinion and POV on my blog because its my blog. Fine you can disagree but to go and tell me what to write and what not to write on MY blog?!


rory pond gifs

so adorable! my future husband,lol
wait hes not married right? or gay?…i hope not,lol


the ninth doctor gifs

oh how i miss my 9th doctor


the tenth doctor gifs

oh gosh that first gif makes me go crazy,lol cant stop smiling every time i see it.

started watching secret love affair and…

omgs these two…i just don’t know what to say. The way he plays and the way she seems to enjoy it so much. Ugh I feel a bit naughty too…is this a kdrama? Idk I wish I were like those bloggers who have smart things to say about what is happening but i’m not so this how i feel right now…lol

you know whats crazier than looking at wedding stuff when your single?….starting to like(or feel attracted to) a guy you think likes you…

this idea is what i want as my wedding cake. one regular sized cake to cut during the reception and mini versions are given to the guest.

this idea is what i want as my wedding cake. one regular sized cake to cut during the reception and mini versions are given to the guest.

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its one of those crazy days where im looking at wedding cakes and im single…but they’re so pretty <3

How cruel can they be??

omgs just saw the season ending of season 4 of dr who and omgs my poor doctor. going through it alone with no companion and in the end when he said he didnt want to go…ugh it broke my heart. Is it fun for the writers to break my heart every two seasons?? are they gonna make me fall in love with this one too and kill him on season 6? or whoever his companion would be??? idk if im ready for the eleventh one…this one seems a bit crazier than the last two though. maybe cause he died and regenerated alone…i did laugh at the part where he though he was a girl cause of the hair but the he touched his adams apple and realized he wasnt. should have made him touch his chest,lol…

The only screen caps I did of this drama…what a shame…if I hadn’t been too busy watching one episode after another I would have done proper screen caps for each episode…I’ll think on that,lol

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Final Thoughts*will contain spoilers*

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Final Thoughts*will contain spoilers*

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi HengeWhen I first started this drama I made it my purpose to hopefully learn how to recap a drama even though it was gonna start bad…it would hopefully get better. But in the end I got to lazy and even dropped it which I terribly regret, instead of dropping the drama I should have dropped the idea of recapping it. I almost missed on a good drama I ended watching the other 9 episodes in 2 days,lol and…

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"First" kiss,lol


he prefers her with the cape and the skulls,lol maybe i should go around saying dazzling and headbutting people,lol

I’m so glad I decided to marathon this drama to finish it <3

but in my opinion he looked better with longer hair,lol